We Beat Adidas & Puma

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Apparently we won the people’s choice award in Dagens Media for most brand building campaign for WeSC against Adidas by 180 Amsterdam and Puma. Fun! We also did a few crying ones with Jason Lee and some other amazing people (love you all). I’ll show you those next week if you haven’t seen them yet […]

Design Clichés of Web 2.0

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Not to long ago my favorite agency Zeus Jones put up a good post on the design clichés of web 2.0. Now that we’re on the topic, I thought I should bring it up. The slide below from Zeus Jones says it all. Or to quote Adrian, “Of course you wouldn’t knowingly give up all […]

Sugarcoated Thoughts on Communication

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I recently went through an experimental period on this blog where much of the blog content was about my diary as an ad man, featuring plenty of pictures and diary entries about parties, coffee breaks and fashion choices. Did more people read it? Yes. Was I criticized for being shallow? Yes. The point of this […]

Diggin’ deeper into 3.0

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On the sensitive subject of Web 3.0 this post and this post are both worth reading (Thank’s Carl). Personally I think they’re both right and wrong. What I suggest is that Web 3.0 is about abstracting one layer and letting the layer below take care of itself. Of going beyond the “five star rating system” […]

Web 4.0

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Oh, and by the way – if any of you really want to know what Web 3.0 is, click here.Thanks Sophia for helping me find the answer. Blogged with the Flock Browser

Agencies: Forget Web 3.0. At least for now.

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I went for a walk yesterday in the spring sun of Södermalm with Carl Waldecrantz from Superstrikers. We discussed Web 3.0 and the dangers of that concept. Everyone wants to claim it. I’ve heard it several times now. F&B for one mentioned it for their new site which has been “coming soon” now for longer […]

Ogilvy on Advertising: "When Aeshines spoke, they said, ‘How well he speaks’. But when Demosthenes spoke, they said, ‘Let us march

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The other day i wrote about Donny Deutsch’s book Often Wrong, Never in Doubt. Today I started flipping trough the pages written by another of advertising’s greats, David Ogilvy, in 1983. (*Interesting fact: Both Donny and his dad used to work for Ogilvy, and apparently Deutsch Sr. had a beef with David). Anyway, the two […]

Nice Flippin’ Le Bureau

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Very smart. Resumé writes that the Stockholm agency Le Bureau flip things around and invite clients to come pitch for them. Key smartness factors:1. They get publicity.2. They make themselves attractive. A recent study by writer-mega-talent Karin Moberg shows that in the personals, the majority of guys brag about themselves while women say what they […]

32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites

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The Onion (America’s Finest News Source) has some fine news this morning: HOUSTON—According to an official NASA report released Saturday, nearly 32 percent of all prayers exiting Earth are deflected off satellites orbiting the planet—ultimately preventing the discharged requests for divine intervention from ever making it to the Gates of Heaven. “After impact with the […]

When I Leave The Ad-business…

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…this is what I’m going to do: Check out the film. These guys are bad. They’re like a combination of fire fighter heroes and Oceans 11. Is someone working on a feature film script about this? Someone ought to. (Read more here) Blogged with the Flock Browser

I Love Concepts

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I walked passed some oatmeal in the store the other day. Organic oatmeal. It could of been designed in a nice package with a nice organic green color and an eco-sticker in the corner, but instead they’ve gone conceptual with the whole (and huge) organic product line-up. i ❤ eco. I think it works. Looking […]

Jobs on Fear of Failure

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Speaking of “fear of failure”, I just read a quite interesting piece in Fortune Magazine on Steve Jobs. There is one celebratory article that I haven’t read yet, and one that is titles “The Trouble With Steve Jobs” covering just that. I’ve read the second one. And it’s interesting. And I recommend it. What is […]

Donny Deutsch on Fear of Failure

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When picking up advertising executive Donny Deutsch’s business book/biography “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt” I was a bit skeptical. The guy on the cover looked… well… cheesy. And the title, I mean, isn’t it a bit smug to name a book like that? Anyway, I must say that this far the book has exceeded my […]

New York Wrap Part 1: Outdoor Advertising

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I’ve been a bad blogger for a few days, so now you’re going to get a mini-series New York wrap up. When walking around Manhattan you see a different kind of advertising than in Sweden. Not necessarily better, but here are some random examples: Whopper. Fast. Good tonality. I love that they’re using an actual […]

Vin, bakelser och Betsey Johnsson

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Väldigt intressant att gå runt här. Både som reklamare, som vanlig kille och som livsnjutare. Det är faktiskt svårt att förklara för någon som inte varit här vad som är så fantastiskt, men det bara är det. Åk hit. Gårdagen spenderades med en massa promenerande. Mitt kontor var inte riktigt klart än, men det är […]

New York-reklam och fruktsallad

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in Jag konstaterar att mycket reklam här är riktigt dålig. Mycket medicinsk reklam som är lång i oändlighet och ägnar halva tiden, vilket lagen kräfver, åt att lista bieffekterna. Mycket krängig reklam. Men också mycket bra reklam. Man känner en helt annan stolthet över att driva verksamhet, en helt annan anda av att bygga och […]

I want to be a part of it

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This is the view I woke up to. 30 floors above ground. Did I mention we also have a big balcony facing that way? Anyway, we headed out for a 10-kilometer morning run in Central Park. A bit chilly, but beautiful weather. A bit sleepy this one. To compensate she tried to impress me with […]