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“Winning” is a concept that fascinates us humans. Especially men seem to be fascinated by it, and have been since we were still just mamals butting heads. But there are really three types of winning. The first type is when you compete with your friends, family, spouse, girl-/boyfriend, or even kids. Not a very rewarding […]

Thoughts on Apple and Communicative Design

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I entered a discussion on one of my previous posts about product design, and I’ll post some of my answers here as a regular post for all of you who don’t delve into the comments regularly: Things are always infinitely more complex than any descripition. Such is the nature of information and knowledge. Simplification is […]

Now, This Is How You Run An Agency!

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Last summer I ran the agency for two weeks from a sail boat. Check this out: I sailed this puppy alone. A beautiful Omega 42 called Aniara. I went in to different ports for meetings. No shower meant daily swimming. And every once in a while you could head in for some fiesta. This particular […]

Transformator and The Role Of Product Design In Brand Communication

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Industry design consultants Transformator made it into Dagens Media yesterday with a statement that they’re better than the advertising agencies. I’m sure they ARE better. At product design, design of the user experience, the brand in it’s physical product appearance. But that is not what advertising agencies do. What Daniel Ewerman (CEO of Tranformator) is […]


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A few weeks back we won the The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) account to Identity Works, and today it was made public. I worked with the communication strategy for the pitch, and it’s probably the work I’m most proud of so far for IW. It’s also an assignment that feels really good to do […]

Firefox 3

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If you’re not running the new Firefox 3 browser yet, you should. It’s blazingly fast, and speed has been my primary concern with every browser I’ve tried. I love it. It’s still has release candidate mode, but seems stable.

Facebook on The Defensive

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Seems like the Facebook vs. Google-battle is heating up. Facebook just suspended participation in Google’s Friend Connect program giving the following explanation: “We’ve found that it redistributes user information from Facebook to other developers without users’ knowledge, which doesn’t respect the privacy standards our users have come to expect and is a violation of our […]

Old Projects of Mine: Crybaby Animated Television

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I’m sitting here remembering some of the strange projects I’ve been involved in over the years. A few years ago we had this project starting up a animated television production company. Since television (we’re talking “regular television”, not film) must be fairly cheap, we went through all kinds of experiments to cut costs. The major […]

Entertain and Thou Shall Be Read

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A few days ago I felt the need to start another blog – a blog that is everything Walter Naeslund is not. (I won’t tell you exactly where it is. It might be a good thing to keep brand consultancy separate from the dark side of the force). But what’s interesting is that the new […]

I Talk The Walk

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Sometimes people whisper about people that just talk and never do. I think that they probably whisper that about me sometimes. Understandably. I do talk a lot. And write a lot (around 400 posts and counting). And I don’t have production managers, project managers, receptionists, assistants, or a cleaning staff. Sure that lowers my production […]

You Have Spoken

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The poll regarding the language of this blog ended up fairly close to a draw. And considering only 35 people actually voted, I conclude that the rest of you don’t mind English (or don’t understand it, haha!). So, ladies and gentlemen, dear readers, the court rules in favor of keeping the blog in English.

Gapminder is not new, but it’s brilliant

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For any planner, the site is like a candy store. I’ve never seen anyone making sense of “boring” data the way Hans Rosling does, and I can’t help thinking how guilty we are of abusing data in this business. I’m not famous for being a numbers research type of guy, but it’s a secret […]

The Death of Web Agencies

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A creative at one of Sweden’s biggest agencies insists that web production is heading the same way as film production. That advertising agencies will get treatments from several different web production companies and get to choose which agency will get to produce. I’m not so sure. First of all, in the sort term, demand for […]