The Privacy of Evil – Part Two

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This is the second part of my idea sketch on privacy and integrity. The first part can be found here. There is also an interesting comment on that post by Michael Dahlén where he talks about information symmetry, a theme that I’ll adress later in this post. In this second part I will show you […]

Give Hope for The Childhood Cancer Foundation Launched

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Yesterday, my last campaign before leaving Identity Works was launched. The Give Hope-campaign for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) was a collaboration between us and the Superstrikers digital agency. I was in charge of concept development and strategy together with the brilliant design strategist Jonas Rutegård and Superstrikers – a match made in heaven to […]

Lesson Given, Lessons Learned

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In the taxi on my way to the airport. The plane for Stockholm leaves in one hour. Last night I gave another lecture on social media, this time at the Hyper Island school of digital communication. I love giving lectures for several reasons. One, obviously is that I learn from the participants. Another one, just […]

Predictions And Afterthoughts

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Times change, and it’s always easy to be smart when looking back. But when you’re back there, things are rarely that obvious. We can laugh at Bill Gates for saying that 640k of RAM is all anyone will ever need (or did he?), but predicting the future is a whole different ball game. An excellent […]

Death of Privacy For Brands

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In the last post I asked the question whether the death of privacy will improve the quality of behavior in our society. I guess this is a bit controversial. But you can see the exact same thing for brands. And here is not very controversial at all. The privacy of brands is under heavy fire […]

Human Nature?

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“They didn’t care that they’d seen it work in practice, because they already knew it couldn’t work in theory”. Clay Shirky on C++ programmers who questioned collaborative communities.

MySpace 2.0 Launched

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A while back I wrote about MySpace on my other blog (which has been asleep for some time now while I’ve been busy with this one). Last night MySpace launched it’s 2.0 version, and that is of course big news for the world of social media. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but […]

Social Media’s Finest Hour

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In an effort to keep this blog non-political (oh well, at least a little bit of effort), we’ll not talk too much here about the political effects that this historic event will have on America and on the world (Yeahj! Go Obama cries Walter from his desk a little too loudly!). Instead, we’ll talk about […]

New Categories, Old Thinking

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The Swedish advertising award Guldägget just announced new digital categories. The categories are: 1. Interactive Category A: Sites Includes campaign sites and corporate sites. 2. Interactive Category B: Advertising Includes banners, mobile marketing and SEO. 3. Interactive Category C: Other digital media Includes widgets, applications, digital events, interactive tools and social media. This segmentation into […]