Is This The New Music Industry?

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I‘m not so sure record labels have a role anymore though. Artists need production, distribution and marketing. Production is cheap and easy today. Perhaps this “new production” will change the sound in some direction, but just like there is a sound of the 70’s for instance, this will be the sound of today. Distribution will […]

I Have Recruited.

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My new project has now made its first hire. And I think it is one that will surprise you. He (it’s a he) is an amazing creative who will take lead on concept development. He is very bad with computers, slightly mad, and one of the most interesting minds I’ve met. His business card will […]

3 Ways of Striking Out in a Social Media Pitch

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Strike 1. The first and perhaps the most important mistake in social media is to start out with what you want to say rather than what engages people. Sure, you might be on strategy with your message, but nobody will talk about it. You can’t take the classic advertising agency approach and buy yourself in, […]

Kids Don’t Spend $30000 On CDs.

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In an account of the Pirate Bay trials by Dagens Nyheter, Peter Althin, Peter Sundes lawyer asks IFPI’s chairman and CEO John Kennedy whether Kennedy really claims that everyone who illegally downloaded a record would have bought it if it wasn’t available at sites like Pirate Bay. Kennedy answers yes to this question. I can’t […]

The Day Google Crashed.

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Google crashed on me today. Or at least Gmail did. This is not good. I rely on Google to take care of my stuff, and reliability is their killer app. No more backups, worries or hassles. It just works. So when it crashes, it’s bad. Not so much because of the actual harm done, but […]

Feminist, Masculinist, Humanist, Love.

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I‘m excited about the new LOVE-magazine. It fills a void that has been apparent for a while. It’s just like when the gay movement got proud. An attitude of “here I am” is always sexy. And I mean sexy in the best possible way. But it’s also a symbol of something else. The feminist movement […]

Forget About Pirate Bay. Go After Apple!

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In the Pirate Bay trials, it seems to be troublesome for the prosecutor to prove that Pirate Bay has made money off of copyrighted material. But since I always try to be optimistic, I have a suggestion for the prosecutor: Go after Apple instead. An iPod Classic retails for $249. It has a capacity of […]

The New Forsman & Bodenfors Site Review

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the Forsman&Bodenfors site that never seemed to air. And now, finally, it has. The lesson that I talked about back then was that polishing and polishing on your product, and not getting it out there is fatal in times of rapid change. I also quoted Guy […]

The Bar Brawl of The Swedish Twittersphere

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It all started when the fashion brand Acne started following Fredrik Wass of Bisonblog fame on Twitter. Fredrik felt spammed and wrote a heated post on his blog. Jesper Åström responded at his Online PR-blog. In essence he made very good points i think, but his angle was all crooked. Instead of heading into a […]

The Twitter Pitch Revisited

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I wrote yesterday about the Twitter Pitch. In the US, where Twitter has a firmer grip, this is already happening. Check out for example this post from about six months ago. And of course, this doesn’t just apply to the “elevator pitch situation”, but to press releases, job applications or anything else where noise is […]

Business Travel and The Good New Days

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Goodbye Jönköping. After finishing a good hotel breakfast I’m on my way back to Stockholm. I sometimes fly when I do these kinds of trips, but I must say the train is far superior. Electricity and WiFi is included in the ticket, and I can work just as easily as I can from the office. […]

4 Hours of Social Media in Jönköping

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The 4-hour crash course on social media played out well i think. (If anyone of you attended, please comment and let me know what you thought). The venue was awesome with great lighting and acoustics, and plenty of space to move around. Just the way i like it. Thanks everyone! Hope to see you again […]