We Are All PR-Agencies Of Course.

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One last thought before heading of to bed: What is the difference between “word of mouth”, PR in a world of blogs and social media, and the Honesty and Volontaire communications strategies, where we among other things agree that topics have replaced messages? Suggestions, anyone? How about tossing out these labels and rethink, shall we?

Wrap Up of Day 2: Thou Shalt Be Honest

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Back from today’s seminars. I’m really quite tired, but try to give you a short wrap up here of today’s events. It will be brief, but I believe that if you’re one of the fairly dedicated people reading this blog, you’ll find more ground breaking stuff in your regular Twitter- and RSS-feeds than in these […]

A Wrap Up of Todays Guldäggsseminarier

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The “Golden Egg Award” week och seminars and debates has begun, and I have mixed feelings. Today’s fist talk by Anita Dunn was simple but excellent. No fancy slide show. No cool styling. Just an excellent talk about her work with the Obama campaign. An I think it contained a lot of what Swedish marketers […]

A Very Flattering Speaking Opportunity Indeed!

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I can now announce with great pride that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference in Strömstad this summer. The topic will be how social media impacts strategies for other media channels, and it’s a topic which engages me deeply. Other speakers of the conference include business rock stars like professors Micael Dahlén […]

I Never Want To Be Anything But An Amateur.

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I‘m sitting here reading a blog post by Ted Valentin where he reminds me of a quote from Chris Andersson’s The Long Tail: “… In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the combination of the electric guitar, the arrival of cheap multitrack recorders, and the fine example set by Sex Pistols gave licence to a […]

Quirky, But Hardly Effective?

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I‘m not sure that this will sell a single gym membership, but it might pick up some prizes. What do you think? Would you buy a gym membership after being exposed to this? Would you get it from FitnessFirst? Nah… (From Zeus Jones and Gizmondo)

Why Would I Want Google Docs Offline?

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Part of what I love with Google Docs, Calendars, Gmail, etc is that I can work independently from what machine I’m currently on. But I can also loose my laptop on the bus without worrying about 1) data loss and 2) compromising sensitive data. This makes me sleep well at night. It seems to me […]

Telenor To Become Hero Of Internet Liberals?

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The mobile telephony operator Telenor are being threatened by IFPI that they’re going to be taken to court if they don’t block The Pirate Bay for their customers. I guess taking TPB themselves to court is one thing (though counter productive), but taking Telenor to court? It will be interesting to see how far IFPI […]

Fresh Angle From Skittles.com

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The new Skittles.com is pretty cool. We’ve all talked about for a while now to aggregate content from different places to a central hub. Skittles takes a different angle and basically turns their .com into a remote control for other locations where they are present. I’m not sure yet how it’s going to work, but […]

Party Invitation!

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For those of you who are in Stockholm on Wednesday (March 4), we’re throwing a creatives party at Collage (Ingemar Bergmans gata 2, behind Riche) 21.00-01.00. One of the pieces for the Friday night art exhibition at Berns will be created live at the party by you and the artist, my co-host Daniel Jouseff. Drinks […]