Google Wave – First Impressions

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Ok. So I’m now live with the Google Wave developers preview sandbox, and so far it feels very very cool, though somewhat confusing at first. My first impression is that it is not like anything I’m used to. It’s sort of like a mix of everything, threading discussions and topics all over the place. Somehow […]

Google Wave Invite!

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An golden email appeared in my inbox yesterday. Subject: “An invitation to Google Wave Developer Sandbox”. I ran down to the local 7-Eleven to pick up some potato chips and Jolt Cola only to realize upon getting back that the link in the email led to a form, and that it’s going to take another […]

Never Ever Ever Piss Off Creative People!

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If you break something, you fix it. If only United Airlines would have had this moral policy when they broke Dave Carroll’s Taylor guitar, they wouldn’t have suffered. But they did. Oh, they did. Because creative people aren’t like ordinary people. They don’t fight back with legal action that huge and rich organizations can defend […]

Planner Must Read: Were You, Are You, or Will You Be?

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Cover via Amazon With his new book called The Time Paradox, social psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo lays out behavioral patterns of past-, present-, and future oriented personality types. It’s an incredibly simple, yet insightful theory he puts forth, and one which really highlights the weaknesses of our ordinary demographic segmentation of target groups. I would […]

Ohoy Sailors!

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All work and no play makes Walter a dull boy. And we don’t want that. I’m currently reloading the batteries out on a boat in the Stockholm archipelago, which is why you don’t get a lot of updates right now. But I am reading up on some interesting stuff and will be back soon with […]