First look at Google Chrome for OSX

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I‘ve been trying out an early developers version of Chrome for OSX for a couple of days, and I must say it’s very impressive. In terms of sheer speed and user experience it’s the best browser I’ve tried on the Mac. If only I get some of my favorite add-ons (TreeStyleTabs and ScribeFire specifically), this […]

Screw Awards. Here Comes Truth Knocking on Your Door.

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Suddenly the news drop like a bomb. The big yearly price comparison on groceries organized by the National Penioners’ Association in Sweden was rigged by many of the store chains – and the one chain that usually wins was the worst offender. Suddenly no quirky traditional television commercial will help, because suddenly truth showed up […]

Finland Becomes The World’s Best Internet Nation!

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Suddenly my Twitscoop-window started screaming at me with two huge keywords: “Finland” and “Broadband”. What the… I thought and started investigating. Turns out Finland, as the first country in the world, has made broadband access each citizens right by law, and suddenly, BOOM, Finland is on the map as the most progressive country in the […]

Which Presentation Software/Service Rocks, and Why?

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Just found a “new” bus going door to door from my Sofo apartment to my Noho office. Perfect! Especially considering this mornings blizzard. (Ok. I’m exaggerating). Today is presentation day, and game days are my favorite days. Especially when you know that the keynote presentation on your MBP humbly kicks ass! Today is one of […]

Will Online Food Save The World?

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Kicking back for a well deserved five minutes in the red sofa at the office, a thought came to mind: Why do we store such huge amounts of food in distributed warehouses all across the city? I’m talking here about the grocery stores. I can understand that we need the small corner stores for when […]

The Great October Launch Fest!

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It’s just one of those days. Twingly launches it’s Twingly Channels, Google launches Wave, and (admittedly somewhat smaller) Stockholm School of Economics’ MCXL launches their new website. From what I can tell from the site, the latter is in test-phase right now, so I’ll post the link later. We were actually planning to launch some […]