Brand Spanking View

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There are hotel rooms and there are Hotel Rooms. This is a Hotel Room. Last night I checked in to Scandic Opalen’s brand new top floor to work for a couple of days. The view from up here over Gothenburg is just stunning, and the room is brand spanking new. They have also placed the […]

If Only [Blank] I Would Have Been Successful

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You can have all the talent in the world, all the education and the rich dad. You can have a ton of friends, two dogs, and a boyfriend/girlfriend who’s CEO of whatever important company. You can have lottery luck, social skills, 1/4000 Twitter ratio and 3000 “friends” on Facebook, you can have rock star background […]

Where Mad Men Meets Mad Geeks

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I always speak of my advertising agency Honesty as a place where New York meets California, or more specifically, where Madison Avenue meets Silicon Valley, or EVEN MORE specifically, where Mad Men meets Mad Geeks. Today I saw this illustration in an excellent article on Read Write Web which I thought illustrated this beautifully. I […]

Jamie Oliver on Saving The World

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Here is a video that I’m posting simply because I want more people to see it. And listen to what Jamie Oliver has to say. And do something. I can’t believe how stupid we humans are sometimes, but at the same time, I can’t believe how easy this situation really is to turn around. Sure, […]

Why Advertising Agencies Should Shut Up And Work

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The Question: What Have You Done, And For Whom? I often get questions about our new Stockholm based advertising agency, and about what work we have done for clients. The reason for asking varies. Some ask because they’re curious, some because they want to shoot us down, and some because they genuinely care. Whatever the […]

How To Marry 10 000 Women

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The Brand Shrink I’ve spent quite some time now working on communications strategy for different brands. Some would call what I’ve done “planning”, “design strategy” or “brand strategy”, but really, I think of myself more like a shrink counseling a brand stretched out on the sofa, trying to figure out who they really are and what is really […]

3 Best Headphones For Your Mobile Lifestyle

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I love headphones. Why? Two reasons. For one, they’re a crucial part of my mobile office working environment. In this respect my MacBook Pro and my headphones ARE my office. Second, I’ve grown up with music and there is just something about a good pair of headphones that is magical. It takes you inside the […]

Google Counters The Facemail Move

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This morning we talked about how Facebook is racing towards Google and Gmail like a bull on acid. And now, already, we read about how Google are planning to unveil social functionality in Gmail, bringing together status updates and other services like YouTube and Picasa to some sort of more open version of Facebook. It […]

Google Super Bowl Commercial

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What do you think? Me, I kind of like it. Even though the story is a bit cheesy, the style is perfect for people to remash and make their own versions. I bet we’ll see a ton of these. Simple, yet strategically smart. Read Google’s explanation for this unexpected Super Bowl stunt here. Like Danny […]

Here Comes Facemail, And Perhaps Facebook Professional?

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Facemail! The other day, rumors started surfacing that Facebook are planning a fully fledged Email-product. That’s right, a Facemail with POP/IMAP-support and everything. It will basically replace Facebook’s standard messaging functionality with a beefed combo that does everything Facebook messages AND Gmail combined does today. [Edit: Today I started typing a name to send a […]

I Will Stop Using Social Media

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“How Do You Define Social Media?” I got the question from a client in a meeting the other day: “How do you define social media?” I haven’t thought about that question for a while now since it’s such an integrated part of my reality, both on and off duty, but now that I got the […]

Forsman & Bodenfors Understand The Game + A Free Idea

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Every now and then I’m criticized for being too hard on the Swedish advertising business. And sure, I have criticized agencies here for not understanding search marketing, for being ten years behind when it comes to web development and for being so blinded by YouTube views that they forget relevance and the client’s bottom line. […]

How To Kill Evernote in 30 Days – a Quick Recipe

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Ingredients 1 Latest version Google Apps/Docs with the new file upload feature 1 Google API for uploading files to Apps/Docs 1 HTML5 coder 1 C# OSX/iPhone coder 1 Windows application coder 1 New Google App Store Instructions Step 1: Use your HTML5 web interface programmer to create a nice Docs/Apps-add on with drag-n-drop-functionality, Google Calendars […]