The Contribution Model of Thinking About Brands

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Targets Don’t Love, Communities Do Let’s assume for a moment that there is no such thing as a target audience for a brand. Let’s assume that there is a community instead, in which a brand, a supplier of a product or service, has a certain place. In this community, people exchange value. If somebody only […]

Why Adobe and Other Monopolies Suck

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We’ve talked earlier here about Google and how I believe that their dominant position is not forever. With the introduction of the new Facebook functionality with lowered barriers for “liking” sites, Facebook sails up as a real threat to Google’s dominance in search. In essence, Facebooks sheer volume of “mini-reviews” of websites will give them […]

Honesty is Moving. And It’s About Time!

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We’re moving out of the original Honesty garage office (or the second office if you count the Kungsgatan aquarium space) this coming weekend. It’s getting a bit crammed here (really?). This is what the main workspace looks like when about 80% of us are present. Claustrophobic but cozy. I guess. 🙂

Red Haired Iron Lady Designer to Honesty

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We’re on a bit of a hiring streak at the agency. For a while now we’ve been on the look out for an art director with amazing designer skills and a production manager / producer. We’ve also been scouting for a project manager and a strategist. And now we’ve come about half way. Last Thursday, […]