Brush Your Teeth And Design for The Google Man

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The human body. Such a marvel of engineering. We can do amazing stuff with this machine, things that are many times EXTREMELY difficult to mimic with any machine. If you only consider using the body as a physical tool we are amazing when it comes to detailed movement and interaction, walking upright och playing basketball. […]

Why Swedes Rock in Advertising Competitions

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Good morning Sweden! After 8 days of vacation (yes vacation!) in New York the cup is yet again filled to the brim with inspiration. New York will do that to you, and I think a lot of that has to do with the incredible diversity of the city. You can go knee-deep into different cultures, […]

Revisiting ACE Hotel and Stumptown

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And so finally I’m back at my favorite hotel ACE (remember the 5 W review?). This time with an admittedly smaller room (man, I do miss the turntable + vintage vinyls) but with a killer view of The Empire State Building from the 10th floor. There is something about this hotel that makes me feel […]

Dances With Trolls

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We all know them. We all hate them. On a good day, we may even feel sorry for them – because after all, being a troll can’t be easy. Trolls are drawn to people with high visibility and trolls are always anonymous. They lurk in the shadows and spew out their bitterness in the hope […]

Best Week in Honesty History

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I got a piece of advice once from a “PR-expert” who said that I should always put my glass down before getting my picture taken at a party. “The glass makes you look drunk” she said. Today I’m going to break that rule. This has been the best week in Honesty history, and that called […]

[SWE] Marknadsförarens Grundkurs i Förförelsekonst

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Jag brukar inte ladda upp hela föreläsningar, men idag ska jag göra ett undantag. Här kommer HELA min föreläsning i förförelsekonst från Berns i mars. Poppa lite popcorn och häng med på 45 minuter av förförelsekonst för marknadsförare. Marknadschefens grundkurs i förförelsekonst from Walter Naeslund on Vimeo.

What Advertisers Can Learn From Two Janitors

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The subway suddenly stopped. Something had gone wrong with the signaling system and now we were stuck while waiting for everything to come back online. I’ve always liked observing other people, and now I really had the time to eavesdrop on people whom I might have otherwise missed. After being stuck for 10 minutes or […]