Facebook Places Means Bye Bye Foursquare

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First we got Gowalla and then we got Foursquare. At least that was the order in Sweden. Both took off quite rapidly and some of us both love it and use it for everything from party planning to personal branding (some with great success). But both of these services always felt somewhat like a third […]

Turning Love Into Money

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Social media is going out of fashion. Not really because there’s anything wrong with many-to-many media platforms. Quite the contrary in fact. These platforms represent enormous potential. No, instead it’s because of the misunderstanding of what this type of platform can be used for in our jobs as business consultants (Yes, that’s what we are. […]

The Pain of Being an Ad Man

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Life of an ad man may not be physically challenging (except for yoga class), but it can be quite psychologically tough. You pitch a lot and work really hard to get to deliver out what may seem like quite small units of product. Especially in the beginning, you can work for months and months only […]

Peeing on an Invitation For a Million Dollar Event

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We call them generation free, a blogging generation used to getting everything for free, from Champagne-laden store opening parties to trips and luxury goodie bags. In exchange brands get exposure in a post if they’re lucky, or at least the bloggers’ approval. Last week something happened that shocked generation free. The invitation to the youth […]

CSI Stockholm. Not So Bad Ass.

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When we came to the office that morning last year there had been a break in. Very bad ass police officers showed up on the scene and started dusting for prints. Total CSI-style. Curious as I am I started snooping around their gear. I love this stuff. But as I did I came across something […]

Is The Devil in The Imperfections?

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One of the strangest and most amazing projects I’ve ever had land on my desk was to do a presidential campaign in the Philippines. We ended up not taking it on for practical reasons, but when something like that lands on your desk, you can’t just brush it off. You have to check it out. […]

Google Wave is Dead, Long Live Google Wave!

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So Google Wave finally came crashing down. The reason according to Google is, not surprisingly, that Wave “has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,”. I guess we all know that. Not to long ago, I wrote a post in defense of Wave. My main thesis was that Wave is not a service, […]