Baba is Back!

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Last friday we rolled out the the first christmas film for Halebop. After the first film with Baba, the dancing boy throwing a Halebop gang sign, Baba became an instant Halebop hero and in this new film he plays super serious drums over a super naive song about “Surfing in california”. My personal favorite. Check […]

My Hero Anna!

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Wow. Online grocery shopping is the hottest business there is in Sweden right now, and our super talented art director just won the prize for online grocery shop of the year in Sweden. Probably means she’s… well… the shit. Congrats Anna!

Honesty and Why DVDs Are So Unsexy

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Emil asked me if it’s true that you get your Reinstall “DVD” on a USB stick on the MacBook Air. “I don’t know” I said. “I don’t think so, haven’t checked”. So I went home and checked, and sure enough, there is was. Cool. If there is one thing that Apple understands, it’s that the […]

MacBook Air 11″ Review

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I have this illness where I can’t seem resist the pressure of my buying reflex when Apple releases new products. Let alone when they release entirely new categories of products. And this is in fact what the MacBook Air 11″ is. Hence I went down to my Mac-dealer yesterday and picked up my own copy […]

Viral by Simplicity, Unique By Zag!

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In my engineering days we spent quite a bit of time digging into information theory and entropy. In very simplified terms you can say that entropy works like this: The more unlikely an event is, the more information it contains. If an event is 100% likely, it contains absolutely no information (it’s just white on […]

The Future is Sometimes Right Behind Us

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And here comes my HTML fallback: Let me present to you an incredible machine. It’s highly portable, it’s got a printer built in, it prints in letterpress style unispace letters and it requires no batteries. It’s also incredibly responsive. The process from idea to remarkably beautiful red letterpress type on paper is nearly instant. I […]

Inspired to Slash Plagiarism Accusations

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Didn’t have time to write to you this weekend since I was busy being Slash. (Just started reading his autobiography by the way. Not as good as Anthony Kiedis’, but still brilliant). Also taking in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘What The Dog Saw’ in audio book form on my morning runs. It’s probably one of his best […]