Learn All The Secrets of Honesty in 30 Hours

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  Tomorrow, I’m going back to school heading our new 30 hour-course “Honesty in a Box”, a course which contains all the secrets of Honesty’s journey from being literally nothing to sailing up as Sweden’s most rapidly growing agency. I’ve always loved packaging knowledge and I’m really excited about this course. It really wasn’t that […]

Honesty Part 5: A Snapshot From The Present

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I‘ve talked a lot about the history of Honesty, but here is a snapshop from the present. Or more specifically, this weekend. We’ve been working crazy weeks, pitching like mad and hiring a bunch of brilliant people. After last week’s win with the Fisherman’s Friend account, we threw a party at the office. We have […]

Fisherman’s Friend to Honesty!

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I‘m always really proud of Honesty, but today I went to work ever so slightly more proud than usual after being awarded the business of true classic – Fisherman’s Friend. The world famous lozenge brand Fisherman’s Friend chose Honesty as their lead agency for the Swedish market after at pitch, and to tell you the […]

Honesty Part 4 – The Secret Recipe of Honesty

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From starting Honesty AB on Valentine’s Day 2009, I worked alone for 8 months before the first new partners came into the agency. During that time I conducted what I think today is the most important work I’ve done at the agency: finding the right people to run it. An advertising agency is made up […]

A Year of Love and Two Years of Honesty

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When I founded Honesty AB on Valentine’s Day 2009, I had just started on a brand new relationship with an amazing girl. It’s somewhat telling I guess that I am now, two years later, celebrating Valentines Day on my own with tacos and a movie. I don’t want to blame it on work, but there […]

It’s Only Money After All

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In the Tuesday morning newspaper I stumbled upon this drawing made by a 10 year old girl named Tilda: It shows what she thinks the new 200 kronor bill should look like. Basically she thinks there are too few dragons on bills and she wants one. First I fell in love with the idea and […]

Breaking News: Manymoon Aquired by Salesforce.com

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If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know that I’ve written a bit about different project management systems. I’ve always loved Manymoon, though I’ve felt that the GUI is a bit too complicated compared to Basecamp and that this was the reason Manymoon never took hold in our organization and was pushed out […]

Top 5 Hotlist January 2.

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Hey dear readers! Working hard and not writing much right now as you may have noticed. But periods like this one are always stuffed with new experiences that you learn a ton from. Here’s my top-5 hotlist right now of thoughts in my head: Being concrete will always beat being abstract and fluffy. Especially if […]