WordPress Thesis, InFocus or Platform Pro

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Ok, here’s a challenge to all you Thesis-lovers out there. I’ve been using Thesis for quite some time now and it has been a pleasant¬†acquaintance. It’s hassle free, quick and has a really nice community around it if you ever have any troubles. And I REALLY appreciate the lifetime free upgrades approach. On the other […]

Facebook Panic: Exporting Your Facebook Data To Google+

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Many has anticipated that Google+ will be no real competitor to Facebook, and while that may be true, it’s interesting to see the panic-stricken reaction from the Facebook HQ to software engineer Mohamed Mansour’s Chrome extension which made it possible to export your Facebook social graph into your Google contacts. It didn’t take many hours […]

WordPress 3.2 is All About Speed and Feel

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I’m writing this post in a brand new editor. No, it’s not a new Firefox plug like Scribefire and it’s not a “focus first”-app like WriteRoom or Byword. Instead it’s WordPress’ own editor that got itself a nice facelift with yesterday’s introduction of version 3.2. In particular I like that they’ve taken a leaf from […]

Confusion in Almedalen Over What Year it Is

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It was striking to see how confused the situation was at today’s panel discussions on press ethics and freedom of press in Almedalen (the Swedish political equivalent of Woodstock for you international readers). Lots of opinions floated around, many being quite valid. The problem was that they were trying to do something impossible in trying […]