Kimono Coding at The 24 Hour Business Camp

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Ok. So I’m wearing a kimono, at a beautiful Japanese spa halfway out to the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by an explosion of colorful fall leafs, carrying a small basket in which I’m supposed to only carry around my towel and my slippers. But instead of slippers, my basked is full of tech gear. And instead […]

Rest In Peace You Insanely Great Mind

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I woke up today to the news that one my biggest sources of inspiration, Steve Jobs, is dead; and that the world has lost one of the greatest thought leaders of our time. He will live on in the millions of people he inspired, the amazing leaps of innovation that he led his company to […]

New Swedish Ad Agency Pitch Process Recommendations

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I just read in tomorrow’s issue of our Swedish advertising business paper Resum√© about the forthcoming recommendations for how the pitch process for advertising agencies should work. From a quick look it seems to me to be more comfortable for the ad agencies but somewhat dangerous for the clients. On The Plus Side A quicker […]

How To Open a Door

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A lot of times, it’s not the content that matters most, but how you present it. I give you… drumroll… How To Open a Door! The devil is in the details. (Thanks to Johan Dahlfors for sharing)

Honesty’s First REAL Office

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Wow! Finally we’re here. It took some time. Here is the history of Honesty offices: Early 2009: Honesty Office #1 Honesty office number 1 was a smallish space (actually a meeting room) crammed into the corner of an architect’s office. It was not big, kind of expensive, but really nice. And hey, it only needed […]