I Borrowed This Hyundai Genesis

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A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to try out a car. – Well sure, I said, what kind of car? I have to admit I wasn’t overly excited when she told me it was a Hyundai. – It’s fun! she promised. This was the Hyundai […]

This $8000 Leica Shoots Black and White Only

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One reason why I love Leica is because they follow their own path and aren’t shy when it comes to asking for cash. They have the audacity to ask $8000 (56000 SEK) for their M9-P, a camera most ordinary people would easily mistake for a large old (albeit retro chic) compact. And that’s for the […]

Revolutionary and Really Simple E-Commerce

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In only a few hours Tictail will launch their public beta. Make sure you sign up for one of those beta invites if your in the least interested in e-commerce. To me it’s looks revolutionary. Suddenly it’s not just that you can set up an e-store really fast (no, REALLY), but that somebody that is […]