How Responsive Design Saved My Credit Card

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I left my credit card behind in the machine when parking my car this morning. I didn’t get further than a hundred or so meters before my iPhone started ringing. There was a kind man on the other end telling me that I had left my card in the machine. I turned around and got […]

What’s The Future of Television? Ask The Slacker.

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I read in Dagens Industri this morning about where television is headed. It certainly is an interesting situation right now where traditional television is making more money than ever while everybody knows that things are changing rapidly. But what exactly is changing, and why exactly are the big traditional television companies making more money than […]

Big Screen TV Just Took on a New Meaning

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I have this space in the office where I thought it would be great with a big projector screen. I figured we might as well get a really big one so that we’d have a really nice backdrop for presentations, lectures, cinema nights and, of course, XBOX-sessions! Since we have a beautiful piece of graffiti […]