Honesty Now Selling Advertising and Coffee

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Last week we received our first batch of Honesty Roast coffee, the first in our series of Honesty-products. We felt that the pod-coffee that we had before, while practical and ok-tasting, was soulless and dull and that we needed to do something about it. We set out in search for the best brewing equipment on […]

Take Care of The Office For Me

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I’ll leave the office for a couple of days for a very exciting trip to Berlin. I’ll let you in on more of the details tomorrow. I’m super duper excited! Here’s a little clue for ya: Take care of the office for me while I’m gone, ok? Thanks. Auf wiedersehen.  

Happy Anniversary Guys!

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Yesterday, October 1 2012, was a big day. It was the 3-year anniversary of my first partners Martin & Petrus joining Honesty (Emil, who is also in the picture above joined a soon afterwards after working at Tele 2  for a while after leaving McCann). Up until this point, the Honesty brand had gathered a fair amount […]