30 Internet Heroes

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There are people and there are PEOPLE. As you may know, I am a great admirer of ability, of able people who live by the virtue of creativity and productivity. And I don’t think that we grant them enough respect and gratitude. Just consider the portraits of the people you see below. All of them have accomplished amazing things in the field of information and communications technology (collectively the biggest inventive achievement of our time), and most of them are completely unknown to most people.  And by that I mean to most people using and depending upon their technologies every day.

Instead we know a whole lot about which celebrity slept with which other celebrity, which celebrity criminal robbed which bank and which politician seduced which white house intern. It’s… not quite fair.

So, if you don’t recognize the faces below, take a minute to get to know them a little bit. They deserve a minute of your attention. After all, they are the people who made my blog possible.

Oh, and if I have to pick one, and pick the guy in the first picture. Make sure you memorize that face or your children will laugh at you.


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