22 Responses to "Honesty Part 1 – A Year And a Half of Honesty"
  1. Petter says:

    Wow! Such an wonderful and personal post! Love it! I feel deeply inspired now. Thanks!

  2. Jonas Lejon says:

    Wow! What an amazing story, you rock!

  3. Joakim Green says:

    An incredible post containing a fantastic story. This will inspire me for a long time! See you at SSWC!

  4. Leon says:

    Great story Walter, keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Åke Bendel says:

    Best story ever!

    I love this part.
    “If you ever get the chance to do something like this, then do it! And if you don’t get a chance like that, make one.”

  6. Anton says:

    Wonderful post, Walter. Love your transparency. See you at SSWC, I hope.

    It’s truly an amazing ride you’ve done. Keep it up!

  7. Amazing story, thanks for your sharing! Keep up the good work.

  8. Thank you for telling your amazing story, Walter.
    Since we met at that speaking gig in Strömstad last year I’ve been following your progress.
    This was a very inspirational and encouraging read!

  9. Martin S. says:

    That is some story and some one and a half year. Kudos to you and your companions. Keep on going!

  10. Nice transparency and quite an inspiring story for me. When I started reading your blog (found via twitter) it was actually the first F&B post about their campaign site for Swedish Church.

  11. Love Nyberg says:

    As always an inspiration. Like your courage to start everything. Rock on!

  12. Thanks all for the wonderful comments and tweets. U rock!

  13. great inspiration Walter! Great to hear YOUR story!

  14. Jag kommer själv ihåg när vi satt där på Anglais. Det var första gången vi sågs. Förstod direkt att det här kommer gå strålande :)

    Shine on man!

  15. Beautiful, inspiring and insightful!
    Thank you very much for sharing your story!
    Keep kicking!

  16. Very good story, could become a movie in the future. I have recently started my own business and have great faith in my mission. I believe in my idea, which you certainly have done, and worked hard witch pay’s back eventually. This story will be stored in my thoughts as a new entrepreneur.

    I wish you good luck in the future, and even better in yout second year.

  17. @collentine says:

    Very interesting to follow your progress!

    Wish you an equally exciting next year!

  18. yachen liang says:

    thank you share your story with us,Tack !! greetings from Taiwan

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