A New Home for Honesty

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We’ve been looking for over a year now for the perfect home for my favorite entrepreneurial project, the advertising agency Honesty. It’s really important for everything we do to with the company to project honesty, transparency and creativity, and this place was just spot on.

It’s located in the easternmost parts of Stockholm’s SoFo area (south of folkungagatan), a perfect area for a creative venture. We have the water 100 meters or so away where we can launch our kayaks, a nature reserve a 10 minute mountainbike ride away and even a small ski slope a 20 minute walk from the office. Still it’s no more than an 8 minute walk from Nytorget with great shopping, restarurants, cafés and bars surrounding it.

Even more importantly, the place itself just shines with creativity and productivity. I had the words “loose fitting clothing” in my brief for our new office, by which I meant just that – the place shouldn’t feel like tight pants and pointy shoes that may look good but that gets in the way of creation; it should feel more like overalls. And with a 6-meter ceiling height, enormous windows, a 420 square meter open space, and a really roomy delivery lift going straight into the office, this place made the cut with honors!

As you can see, we’re still have a bit of work to do to get it done, but we’re moving in on monday, so the builders had better work quickly!

Welcome over for a cup of coffee soon and I’ll show you around.

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