A Wrap Up of Todays Guldäggsseminarier

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The “Golden Egg Award” week och seminars and debates has begun, and I have mixed feelings. Today’s fist talk by Anita Dunn was simple but excellent. No fancy slide show. No cool styling. Just an excellent talk about her work with the Obama campaign. An I think it contained a lot of what Swedish marketers need to hear.

Change is tough, and too many marketers are sticking their head in the sand, trying to ignore the fact that the world is changing. It’s too much of a hassle to sell change, and it’s too much of a hassle to buy it. So they just hum along on the train tracks, trying to distract themselves from the fact that the freight train is coming. I admire Anita and her staff for actually implementing a groundbreaking campaign.

Her key points were that:

1. Accuracy and credibility are both critical.
2. 2-way communication is critical.
3. Be direct and quick in meeting critizism. Then it will be too late.
4. What worked once won’t neccessarily work again. Tough, but true.
5. Campaigns matter.

I hope that the marketing excecutives in the room were paying attention!

The second talk by a marketing professor was had me baffled. It felt outdated and general. I couldn’t believe how he spoke about Twitter in ultra general, non strategic terms. It sounded like he hadn’t even tried it out himself. When he pulled out the Norrlands Guld movie as an example I stood up and left. Perhaps the second hour was better, but I’d much rather spend half an hour with Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter feed than sitting through another hour of that. (Note that there was no free internet connection and no network coverage in the venue!!!)

So. High and low. Kudos for inviting Anita Dunn. But next time, make sure you have an awesome and fast internet connection. People are Twittering live these days you know. And stay clear of historians.

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