Are You a Frustrated Artist Too?

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Lou Reed plays “Berlin” in Stockholm tonight. Can’t miss that now can I?

He also says in an interview that “if he hadn’t been a musician, he would have been an ad man”. Sure, there is obvious and somewhat loathsome irony in his statement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. So many of us are failed and/or frustrated artists (I personally don’t believe in failure, so I’m frustrated).

Me, I was absolutely certain I was going to be a rock star up until I was about 18. Secretly, I still think I will at some point. I’m addicted to photography and have a tendency to buy overly expensive equipment. I’ve started writing at least five books, none of which will ever be finished. But the dream lives on. I wonder if this is not true for most of you. Lou Reed sings “men of poor beginings often can do anything”, so there is still hope.

For Spotify link to Berlin, please click here.

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