It’s Only Money After All

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In the Tuesday morning newspaper I stumbled upon this drawing made by a 10 year old girl named Tilda: It shows what she thinks the new 200 kronor bill should look like. Basically she thinks there are too few dragons on bills and she wants one. First I fell in love with the idea and […]

Breaking News: Manymoon Aquired by

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If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know that I’ve written a bit about different project management systems. I’ve always loved Manymoon, though I’ve felt that the GUI is a bit too complicated compared to Basecamp and that this was the reason Manymoon never took hold in our organization and was pushed out […]

Top 5 Hotlist January 2.

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Hey dear readers! Working hard and not writing much right now as you may have noticed. But periods like this one are always stuffed with new experiences that you learn a ton from. Here’s my top-5 hotlist right now of thoughts in my head: Being concrete will always beat being abstract and fluffy. Especially if […]

Linux Has Had an App Store for 10 Years

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I just had a brief discussion with my brother about the Mac app store post I wrote the other day. Being the mega techie of the family, he has been a heavy Linux-user for a long time, and these were his comments: A system similar to the app store has been around in the Linux […]

Random Notes From The Process of Preparing a Talk

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Next week I have two talks booked (on the same day and in two different cities of course, #planningfail). One of them is for 600 or so entrepreneurs in Gothenburg at the Venture Cup awards show, and the other is for 150-ish marketing execs at the IDG breakfast seminars. Big audiences are always a kick […]

Double Display MacBook Air 11

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I know this is nerd-mania, but you have to agree that the MacBook Air 11″ with the iPad as an extra display is a pretty royal setup! Check out the Air Display app from Avatron Software and try it out for yourself. Good to know is that it has a bit of lag because it’s […]

Baba is Back!

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Last friday we rolled out the the first christmas film for Halebop. After the first film with Baba, the dancing boy throwing a Halebop gang sign, Baba became an instant Halebop hero and in this new film he plays super serious drums over a super naive song about “Surfing in california”. My personal favorite. Check […]

My Hero Anna!

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Wow. Online grocery shopping is the hottest business there is in Sweden right now, and our super talented art director just won the prize for online grocery shop of the year in Sweden. Probably means she’s… well… the shit. Congrats Anna!

Honesty and Why DVDs Are So Unsexy

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Emil asked me if it’s true that you get your Reinstall “DVD” on a USB stick on the MacBook Air. “I don’t know” I said. “I don’t think so, haven’t checked”. So I went home and checked, and sure enough, there is was. Cool. If there is one thing that Apple understands, it’s that the […]

MacBook Air 11″ Review

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I have this illness where I can’t seem resist the pressure of my buying reflex when Apple releases new products. Let alone when they release entirely new categories of products. And this is in fact what the MacBook Air 11″ is. Hence I went down to my Mac-dealer yesterday and picked up my own copy […]