Awesome Red Bull Idea, Lars Berghe, Murketing, And Alignvertising

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Here’s a not to shabby idea by Red Bull:

They sent out people all over the world to ask bartenders to “give me something you recommend”. If the bartender gave them Vodka Redbull, the bartender recieved an extraordinary tip, namely an Apple Ipod.

Do you think that these incognito bartender charity workers got talked about? You betcha! The rumor spread like wildfire, and pretty soon Vodka Redbull’s where handed out as the standard respons to the question in question.

Lars Berge writes about this and other Red Bull campaigns in his column in SvD, and makes a good analysis on the concept of branding as opposed to advertising. When someone says that youngsters are getting immune to advertising messages, Lars argues that we are instead more motivated than ever to involve ourselves with different brands, just not in the traditional forced way. He’s backing up his argument by referring to Rob Walker’s book “Buying In”, where the phenomenon is called “murketing”.

Personally I think that this is a very bad term. It’s not about murketing or being sneaky, it’s about getting people to identify. Let’s call it something else. How about… alignvertising. In alignvertising we do cool/loveable/responsible/outrageous/funny stuff that people want to be a part of and have their personalities align with.

Still, this might be a book worth reading. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

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