Being Efficient in an Economic Downturn

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Rock n’ roll is dead, order and neatness is here. The economic downturn puts us all in a different spot. And what does it mean for our business? Well, reason would suggest two things – first, people will need to change their priorities. New business will be a tougher job, and there will be less cash in each gig. This will leave less time for activities like blogging. Unless of course the blog is a source of income, which is not the case for most. I can see this in my own blog. There is less luxury time to give away thoughts for free. But I promise you I will try my best. Second, more efficient activities like Twitter will grow bigger. Tweets
are shorter and take less time both to write and to read. And when looking at it, Twitter is rising very quickly in Sweden right now, pushing competition like Jaiku and Bloggy out of it’s way. (Again, it’s not efficient to have more than one microblogging platform).

For our own agency, this crisis also means two things. Our product is better positioned than before (with it’s relatively high cost efficiency), but there is a smaller total bag of gold in client budgets. This means we have to be very good at informing about what’s going on, and what we can do to boost relative ROI. This is in conflict with what I said above about less time for blogging and lecturing. So I guess this means I’ll keep putting in long days working, but also lecturing and blogging. I promise more frequent updates.

For lectures there is one at Berghs coming up, one at a major Swedish corporation and one at a conference on the west coast. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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