Instagram Could Instakill Vine

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There is something about Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine that appeals to me. With Vine you share 6-second video clips that loop; perfect for cute baby videos, stumbling puppies and other world changing events that feed the re-tweet beast. I think it might take off. The only thing that bothers me is that there […]

Honesty Now Selling Advertising and Coffee

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Last week we received our first batch of Honesty Roast coffee, the first in our series of Honesty-products. We felt that the pod-coffee that we had before, while practical and ok-tasting, was soulless and dull and that we needed to do something about it. We set out in search for the best brewing equipment on […]

Take Care of The Office For Me

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I’ll leave the office for a couple of days for a very exciting trip to Berlin. I’ll let you in on more of the details tomorrow. I’m super duper excited! Here’s a little clue for ya: Take care of the office for me while I’m gone, ok? Thanks. Auf wiedersehen.  

Happy Anniversary Guys!

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Yesterday, October 1 2012, was a big day. It was the 3-year anniversary of my first partners Martin & Petrus joining Honesty (Emil, who is also in the picture above joined a soon afterwards after working at Tele 2  for a while after leaving McCann). Up until this point, the Honesty brand had gathered a fair amount […]

How Responsive Design Saved My Credit Card

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I left my credit card behind in the machine when parking my car this morning. I didn’t get further than a hundred or so meters before my iPhone started ringing. There was a kind man on the other end telling me that I had left my card in the machine. I turned around and got […]

What’s The Future of Television? Ask The Slacker.

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I read in Dagens Industri this morning about where television is headed. It certainly is an interesting situation right now where traditional television is making more money than ever while everybody knows that things are changing rapidly. But what exactly is changing, and why exactly are the big traditional television companies making more money than […]

Big Screen TV Just Took on a New Meaning

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I have this space in the office where I thought it would be great with a big projector screen. I figured we might as well get a really big one so that we’d have a really nice backdrop for presentations, lectures, cinema nights and, of course, XBOX-sessions! Since we have a beautiful piece of graffiti […]

The State of Honesty

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It’s been a while since I gave you an update about the progress of Honesty. In fact I haven’t written much over the course of the past year at all. But it’s been one crazy year. First, and most importantly, I’ve become a father of a little boy called Marc. That, of course, changed everything […]

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