Caller Subject, an Idea Worth Spreading? #CallerSubject

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I had a dream last night. In my dreams there are often all kinds of strange inventions and artifacts that don’t exist in real life. Most of the time, these are really weird and just plain dumb. But every once in a while something truly useful pops up. Last night was one of those times.

In my dream somebody called me on my phone, and when I looked at the phone there was not only the name of the person calling, but also the subject of the proposed call. Caller ID with a subject line. Just like with email. Wouldn’t that be really useful? If you’re anything like me, you often answer a call, even when busy, just to “see if it’s anything important”. With this functionality, that would not be necessary. You could also see on your missed calls what they where about. I think that would be absolutely awesome!

Wouldn’t it also be fairly easy to implement? At least in a service like Skype?

If you’re in a position to do so, please steal this idea and implement it. Consider it a Creative Commons license.

If you’re not, help me spread this idea so that we can get it implemented. I just want to see it happen. If you’re on Twitter, link back to this post and use #CallerSubject.

[EDIT: There seems to be some similar patent out there already. I guess that’s why it isn’t implemented. What can we conclude from that? And what should we call it? #ideasquatting maybe?]

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