Cannes 2008: Day 1

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So. Walter Naeslund has landed in Cannes.

Hotel fixed.

Quick social call to Social Club in the marina, visiting their obligatory 50-footer. Markus had cut his hair. Nice.

Some food of course. Coffee. You know, the usual french routine.

The seminar on viral marketing was all hyped and ended in disappointment for me. I’m growing increasingly allergic to the word “increasingly” and I’m also growing allergic to people just fluffing around with buzzwords. N.O.T.H.I.N.G new came out of that seminar for me. I hope that this is not the state of the art when it comes to social marketing. Or maybe I do. Because if it is there is a wide open playing field and I happen to know a handful of players that would blow this guy off the stage. (If you’re today’s speaker and you’re reading this, I’m sorry for the harsh words. You just happened to be the 39th guy telling me the same thing).

Tonight I’ll meet up with some people for drinks, and will also try to grab a quick glass of wine with our company chairman. He’s super cool.

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