Happy Anniversary Guys!

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Yesterday, October 1 2012, was a big day. It was the 3-year anniversary of my first partners Martin & Petrus joining Honesty (Emil, who is also in the picture above joined a soon afterwards after working at Tele 2  for a while after leaving McCann). Up until this point, the Honesty brand had gathered a fair amount […]

Revolutionary and Really Simple E-Commerce

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In only a few hours Tictail will launch their public beta. Make sure you sign up for one of those beta invites if your in the least interested in e-commerce. To me it’s looks revolutionary. Suddenly it’s not just that you can set up an e-store really fast (no, REALLY), but that somebody that is […]

How I Decided To Be an Artist

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You could define artistry as “conveying information in creative ways”. Bad artistry does this without evoking much emotion, while great artistry shortcuts its way into our minds by provoking powerful emotional responses in us. It’s no coincidence that deviant art has always scared people in power. To this day we still have countries in the […]

Honesty New Nordic Lead Agency For Scandic

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Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know about my love for hotels like Ace and Michelberger, and hotels in general for that matter. And now, finally, I and my agency Honesty get to work with an entire chain of hotels! After a demanding pitch, the hotel chain Scandic selected Honesty […]

Learn All The Secrets of Honesty in 30 Hours

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  Tomorrow, I’m going back to school heading our new 30 hour-course “Honesty in a Box”, a course which contains all the secrets of Honesty’s journey from being literally nothing to sailing up as Sweden’s most rapidly growing agency. I’ve always loved packaging knowledge and I’m really excited about this course. It really wasn’t that […]

Honesty Part 4 – The Secret Recipe of Honesty

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From starting Honesty AB on Valentine’s Day 2009, I worked alone for 8 months before the first new partners came into the agency. During that time I conducted what I think today is the most important work I’ve done at the agency: finding the right people to run it. An advertising agency is made up […]

A Year of Love and Two Years of Honesty

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When I founded Honesty AB on Valentine’s Day 2009, I had just started on a brand new relationship with an amazing girl. It’s somewhat telling I guess that I am now, two years later, celebrating Valentines Day on my own with tacos and a movie. I don’t want to blame it on work, but there […]

Baba is Back!

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Last friday we rolled out the the first christmas film for Halebop. After the first film with Baba, the dancing boy throwing a Halebop gang sign, Baba became an instant Halebop hero and in this new film he plays super serious drums over a super naive song about “Surfing in california”. My personal favorite. Check […]

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