Instagram Could Instakill Vine

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There is something about Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine that appeals to me. With Vine you share 6-second video clips that loop; perfect for cute baby videos, stumbling puppies and other world changing events that feed the re-tweet beast. I think it might take off. The only thing that bothers me is that there […]

What’s The Future of Television? Ask The Slacker.

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I read in Dagens Industri this morning about where television is headed. It certainly is an interesting situation right now where traditional television is making more money than ever while everybody knows that things are changing rapidly. But what exactly is changing, and why exactly are the big traditional television companies making more money than […]

Revolutionary and Really Simple E-Commerce

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In only a few hours Tictail will launch their public beta. Make sure you sign up for one of those beta invites if your in the least interested in e-commerce. To me it’s looks revolutionary. Suddenly it’s not just that you can set up an e-store really fast (no, REALLY), but that somebody that is […]

Linux Has Had an App Store for 10 Years

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I just had a brief discussion with my brother about the Mac app store post I wrote the other day. Being the mega techie of the family, he has been a heavy Linux-user for a long time, and these were his comments: A system similar to the app store has been around in the Linux […]

Apple Ships Flash-Free!

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Terminology is an interesting weapon. In a recent post on MacRumors entitled “Apple to Make All New Macs Flash-Free“ Eric Slivka writes about how all new Macs will come without Flash pre-installed. The post quotes Apple spokesman Bill Evans saying that: We’re happy to continue to support Flash on the Mac, and the best way […]

Peeing on an Invitation For a Million Dollar Event

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We call them generation free, a blogging generation used to getting everything for free, from Champagne-laden store opening parties to trips and luxury goodie bags. In exchange brands get exposure in a post if they’re lucky, or at least the bloggers’ approval. Last week something happened that shocked generation free. The invitation to the youth […]

Brush Your Teeth And Design for The Google Man

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The human body. Such a marvel of engineering. We can do amazing stuff with this machine, things that are many times EXTREMELY difficult to mimic with any machine. If you only consider using the body as a physical tool we are amazing when it comes to detailed movement and interaction, walking upright och playing basketball. […]

How To Cheat Your Client and Why You Shouldn’t

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Every gold rush has it’s opportunists. The gold rush of viral marketing is no exception. Before we leave the gold rush phase and move into a more mature market, agencies will keep running around waving YouTube views in the faces of marketing managers to show off how creative they are. But are they really? There […]

Google Counters The Facemail Move

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This morning we talked about how Facebook is racing towards Google and Gmail like a bull on acid. And now, already, we read about how Google are planning to unveil social functionality in Gmail, bringing together status updates and other services like YouTube and Picasa to some sort of more open version of Facebook. It […]

Here Comes Facemail, And Perhaps Facebook Professional?

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Facemail! The other day, rumors started surfacing that Facebook are planning a fully fledged Email-product. That’s right, a Facemail with POP/IMAP-support and everything. It will basically replace Facebook’s standard messaging functionality with a beefed combo that does everything Facebook messages AND Gmail combined does today. [Edit: Today I started typing a name to send a […]

I Will Stop Using Social Media

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“How Do You Define Social Media?” I got the question from a client in a meeting the other day: “How do you define social media?” I haven’t thought about that question for a while now since it’s such an integrated part of my reality, both on and off duty, but now that I got the […]

How To Kill Evernote in 30 Days – a Quick Recipe

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Ingredients 1 Latest version Google Apps/Docs with the new file upload feature 1 Google API for uploading files to Apps/Docs 1 HTML5 coder 1 C# OSX/iPhone coder 1 Windows application coder 1 New Google App Store Instructions Step 1: Use your HTML5 web interface programmer to create a nice Docs/Apps-add on with drag-n-drop-functionality, Google Calendars […]

Here Comes The Social Internet Bank!

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Money is important to us. Control over our life situation is too. But then, how can we possibly accept Internet banks as they are today. How can we possibly think that it’s okay to, say, not be able to get a visual overview analysis of our expenses and incomes? How can we possibly put up […]

In Defence of Google Wave

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I‘ve heard so many people say now that Google Wave is an epic failure, and I think that it may be time to to stand up in defence of this technology. Because that’s what it is. A technology. People who criticize Wave often talk about it in terms of a useless community of some kind. […]

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