Take Care of The Office For Me

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I’ll leave the office for a couple of days for a very exciting trip to Berlin. I’ll let you in on more of the details tomorrow. I’m super duper excited! Here’s a little clue for ya: Take care of the office for me while I’m gone, ok? Thanks. Auf wiedersehen.  

I Borrowed This Hyundai Genesis

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A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to try out a car. – Well sure, I said, what kind of car? I have to admit I wasn’t overly excited when she told me it was a Hyundai. – It’s fun! she promised. This was the Hyundai […]

This $8000 Leica Shoots Black and White Only

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One reason why I love Leica is because they follow their own path and aren’t shy when it comes to asking for cash. They have the audacity to ask $8000 (56000 SEK) for their M9-P, a camera most ordinary people would easily mistake for a large old (albeit retro chic) compact. And that’s for the […]

Audio Pro Rocks

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One of my favorite brands is the Swedish hifi-brand Audio Pro. They create these amazing products of which the wireless LV-series is my favorite. Design-wise they are simplistic enough with white or black leather covers, and they sound amazing. Especially the biggest LV3s that deliver amazing sound quality on their own. The price tag is […]

3 Best Headphones For Your Mobile Lifestyle

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I love headphones. Why? Two reasons. For one, they’re a crucial part of my mobile office working environment. In this respect my MacBook Pro and my headphones ARE my office. Second, I’ve grown up with music and there is just something about a good pair of headphones that is magical. It takes you inside the […]

7 Point Improvement Plan for The iPad

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Yes, I love the iPad, but WTF? Here is what is still on my wish list: 1. GPS I thought that this was a no-brainer. Positioning is becoming an integrated part of social networks by the minute, and I’ve predicted for a while now built in positioning for MacBooks – so how can this device […]

Facebook Releases The Facephone!

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Okay, not really. But if they would? Think about this for a sec. Imagine an iPhoneish creation with Facebook pre-installed as the OS of the phone. You would have all phone numbers up to date all the time because everyone would be responsible for their own contact information. You would have the chat funktionality, the […]

Digitals That Are Forever

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It finally happened. Somebody did what I’ve been predicting for the past 3 years. That somebody started offering hardware upgrades for their digitals. And who would if not Leica. For their M8-cameras. It’s been obvious for a while that it’s a bad idea to view a digital camera purchase as an investment. Technology moves so […]

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