Happy Anniversary Guys!

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Yesterday, October 1 2012, was a big day. It was the 3-year anniversary of my first partners Martin & Petrus joining Honesty (Emil, who is also in the picture above joined a soon afterwards after working at Tele 2  for a while after leaving McCann). Up until this point, the Honesty brand had gathered a fair amount […]

Rest In Peace You Insanely Great Mind

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I woke up today to the news that one my biggest sources of inspiration, Steve Jobs, is dead; and that the world has lost one of the greatest thought leaders of our time. He will live on in the millions of people he inspired, the amazing leaps of innovation that he led his company to […]

30 Internet Heroes

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There are people and there are PEOPLE. As you may know, I am a great admirer of ability, of able people who live by the virtue of creativity and productivity. And I don’t think that we grant them enough respect and gratitude. Just consider the portraits of the people you see below. All of them […]

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