Take Care of The Office For Me

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I’ll leave the office for a couple of days for a very exciting trip to Berlin. I’ll let you in on more of the details tomorrow. I’m super duper excited! Here’s a little clue for ya: Take care of the office for me while I’m gone, ok? Thanks. Auf wiedersehen.  

An Ace Apology: Customer Service by Design

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They say you can get away with anything with a little charm. There is some truth to that. Of course we are all much more willing to cut a brand some more slack if we meet a really cool, charming and friendly person when something goes wrong and if that person treats us like royalty. […]

Brand Spanking View

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There are hotel rooms and there are Hotel Rooms. This is a Hotel Room. Last night I checked in to Scandic Opalen’s brand new top floor to work for a couple of days. The view from up here over Gothenburg is just stunning, and the room is brand spanking new. They have also placed the […]

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