Online Vacation

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Ok, my photographer father in law threw in a couple of extra iPads for effect, but this is actually pretty close to the truth of what the house looked like the day Snow Lion was relesased. Upgrade mania. 🙂  

Why Adobe and Other Monopolies Suck

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We’ve talked earlier here about Google and how I believe that their dominant position is not forever. With the introduction of the new Facebook functionality with lowered barriers for “liking” sites, Facebook sails up as a real threat to Google’s dominance in search. In essence, Facebooks sheer volume of “mini-reviews” of websites will give them […]

Sleepless In Stumptown

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At the Honesty office in Stockholm we have an “ex”-barista working. Arvid doesn’t actually work as a barista at Honesty (he’s an amazing assistant instead), but he’s a coffee nerd to the core with, among other things, a national barista championship silver medal under his belt. Anyway – he knows coffee. When I told Arvid […]

Be More Efficient: Euforia Day Planning 101

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Man, it feels like I’m flying back and forth to Gothenburg like a ping pong ball. It’s really a nice city though, so I can’t complain. Now I’m back down here again, and I’m stealing a few minutes from my beauty sleep to hang out with you, dear reader, before heading off to bed. And […]

Ohoy Sailors!

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All work and no play makes Walter a dull boy. And we don’t want that. I’m currently reloading the batteries out on a boat in the Stockholm archipelago, which is why you don’t get a lot of updates right now. But I am reading up on some interesting stuff and will be back soon with […]

3 Steps To The Perfect Powernap

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Every now and then I like to do a rerun on my most popular post ever – The Power Nap School. I promise you, taking that 15 minute nap in the afternoon will transform you life. It makes you more creative, more energetic, and allows for fewer hours sleep at night. For me, around 6 […]

Party Invitation!

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For those of you who are in Stockholm on Wednesday (March 4), we’re throwing a creatives party at Collage (Ingemar Bergmans gata 2, behind Riche) 21.00-01.00. One of the pieces for the Friday night art exhibition at Berns will be created live at the party by you and the artist, my co-host Daniel Jouseff. Drinks […]

Distill Launch Party and Nextopia

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My mind just went blank. I couldnt’ for the life of me remember wether Michael DahlĂ©n’s new book Nextopia was in Swedish or in English. I just couldn’t. But before I ended up in this situation, the following happened. Last night I went down to the new magazine Distill’s launch party on Strandvägen. I flipped […]

My Fridge Died. I killed it.

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I don’t have a fridge anymore. A screwdriver and a hammer (don’t ask) effectively put it to sleep for good last night. And since I’m planning for a new kitchen, buying a new fridge now would just be stupid. So what does this mean? Well – I guess my ridiculously high restaurant budget will remain […]

Friday Night in a Tie!

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Okey, so Friday night started out with me getting treated to dinner by one of my suppliers and good friends who came over and cooked for me. I pulled out some amazing wines and we dug in. This obviously got us in the mood, and we invited a bunch of people over for drinks. Among […]

Spring Is Here. Structure is Not. But love… oh love…

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Yesterday was a good day.Stockholm delivered from it’s best possible angle, Breakfast was had in the sun, while watching this copywriter super prodigy and PR-genius (whom I’ve grown more and more intrigued by over the past few days) hacking away on her MacBook. After spending the entire day jumping between projects and having super fun, […]

Prison California

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Zonk at came up with a pretty fitting metaphor for one of our favorite web services. Hotel California – “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. Which web service? You guessed it – Facebook of course.

The Bendz, Kleerup, Ljung Basement Party!

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Party night yeeahj! We started out at Rosanna’s with hair, make, styling, drinks and dancing. Rosanna provided the apartment and the drinks. Plenty of vitamin C in the drinks. Spotify provided the music. I tried to teach Rosanna to “peace, wink and pout”. This is how it turned out: (I think I look a little […]

Saturday and The Mirror Conspiracy

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Good morning! Let’s take it from the top.This is outfit of the day!(Hat from Marc Jacobs, scarf from a Manhattan street salesman, leather jacket from Whyred, hoodie from American Apparel, jeans from WeSC). Dressed to kill. Now off for breakfast with “queen of words” miss K. (If this girl goes into journalism it will be […]

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