Learn All The Secrets of Honesty in 30 Hours

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  Tomorrow, I’m going back to school heading our new 30 hour-course “Honesty in a Box”, a course which contains all the secrets of Honesty’s journey from being literally nothing to sailing up as Sweden’s most rapidly growing agency. I’ve always loved packaging knowledge and I’m really excited about this course. It really wasn’t that […]

THANK YOU BERLIN! And The Michelberger Hotel

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THANK YOU BERLIN!!! I cried over the roar of electric guitars and a couple of hundred clapping media analysts. I had just taken a leaf from my good friend and mentor Magnus Lindkvist’s playbook and ended my Esomar WM3 presentation in Berlin with rocking to Ramones and Van Halen and smashing a ukulele on stage. […]

Is The Devil in The Imperfections?

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One of the strangest and most amazing projects I’ve ever had land on my desk was to do a presidential campaign in the Philippines. We ended up not taking it on for practical reasons, but when something like that lands on your desk, you can’t just brush it off. You have to check it out. […]

The Google Man at Marketing Week London

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Man that was tough. I’ve been lucky to have been scheduled in the first slot of the day at most talks I’ve done so far, but today I got the very last slot. And it was crazy hot in Olympia’s Pillar Hall in London where my Marketing Week talk was scheduled. Some talks are easier […]

[SWE] Marknadsförarens Grundkurs i Förförelsekonst

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Jag brukar inte ladda upp hela föreläsningar, men idag ska jag göra ett undantag. Här kommer HELA min föreläsning i förförelsekonst från Berns i mars. Poppa lite popcorn och häng med på 45 minuter av förförelsekonst för marknadsförare. Marknadschefens grundkurs i förförelsekonst from Walter Naeslund on Vimeo.

Bigger Than I’ve Ever Been

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(Photo by @PeterRosdahl) Yesterday I was doing a live interview at the Creative Clash sessions in Malmö. Usually, I try to to be the girl with the sledgehammer and the red shorts from the Mac 1984 commercial, fighting the biggies, but here I came across more as Big Blue I guess. At least visually 🙂

Jamie Oliver on Saving The World

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Here is a video that I’m posting simply because I want more people to see it. And listen to what Jamie Oliver has to say. And do something. I can’t believe how stupid we humans are sometimes, but at the same time, I can’t believe how easy this situation really is to turn around. Sure, […]

Confessions of an Outcast Entrepreneur

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Tomorrow I go back to work again after the holidays. Or, well, technically I guess it is today since I can’t sleep and it’s early Monday already. I’m really excited about getting back on the horse though. There is much to do this year. A lot of things have changed in my work life since […]

Is Honesty Where Seth Godin Meets Magnus Lindkvist?

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As I read my brilliant friend and mentor (at least I like to think so) Magnus Lindkvist’s new book “Everything We Know is Wrong – The Trendspotter’s Handbook”, I’m showered with interesting insights about the world, but also about myself and what I do for a living. On one level of course, I’m the hard […]

The Best Public Speaker in The World?

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Sometimes it says “inspirational speaker” on my invoices to clients. They want it that way for some kind of tax reasons, and I’m more than happy to help them with that. But also, I think that this service specification is quite accurate. I really believe that public speaking isn’t about information transfer at all – […]

Cool! I Just Got Featured on the Slideshare Homepage!

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I just got an email from Slideshare.com stating the following: Hey walternaeslund! Your presentation is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage by our editorial team. We thank you for this terrific presentation, that has been chosen from amongst the thousands that are uploaded to SlideShare everday. Congratulations! Have a Great Day!, – the SlideShare […]

Social Media Talk in Finland

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Just delivered a 78 minute social media talk in Finland. Apparently somewhere close to the Russian border. I’m not sure. Slept all the way here. Now totally beat and desperately need to get some rest before the sauna madness starts, as it apparently usually does. I’ll write more about it later. Over and out.

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