Instagram Could Instakill Vine

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There is something about Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine that appeals to me. With Vine you share 6-second video clips that loop; perfect for cute baby videos, stumbling puppies and other world changing events that feed the re-tweet beast. I think it might take off. The only thing that bothers me is that there […]

Revolutionary and Really Simple E-Commerce

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In only a few hours Tictail will launch their public beta. Make sure you sign up for one of those beta invites if your in the least interested in e-commerce. To me it’s looks revolutionary. Suddenly it’s not just that you can set up an e-store really fast (no, REALLY), but that somebody that is […]

WordPress Thesis, InFocus or Platform Pro

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Ok, here’s a challenge to all you Thesis-lovers out there. I’ve been using Thesis for quite some time now and it has been a pleasant acquaintance. It’s hassle free, quick and has a really nice community around it if you ever have any troubles. And I REALLY appreciate the lifetime free upgrades approach. On the other […]

Facebook Panic: Exporting Your Facebook Data To Google+

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Many has anticipated that Google+ will be no real competitor to Facebook, and while that may be true, it’s interesting to see the panic-stricken reaction from the Facebook HQ to software engineer Mohamed Mansour’s Chrome extension which made it possible to export your Facebook social graph into your Google contacts. It didn’t take many hours […]

WordPress 3.2 is All About Speed and Feel

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I’m writing this post in a brand new editor. No, it’s not a new Firefox plug like Scribefire and it’s not a “focus first”-app like WriteRoom or Byword. Instead it’s WordPress’ own editor that got itself a nice facelift with yesterday’s introduction of version 3.2. In particular I like that they’ve taken a leaf from […]

Linux Has Had an App Store for 10 Years

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I just had a brief discussion with my brother about the Mac app store post I wrote the other day. Being the mega techie of the family, he has been a heavy Linux-user for a long time, and these were his comments: A system similar to the app store has been around in the Linux […]

Google Counters The Facemail Move

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This morning we talked about how Facebook is racing towards Google and Gmail like a bull on acid. And now, already, we read about how Google are planning to unveil social functionality in Gmail, bringing together status updates and other services like YouTube and Picasa to some sort of more open version of Facebook. It […]

Here Comes Facemail, And Perhaps Facebook Professional?

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Facemail! The other day, rumors started surfacing that Facebook are planning a fully fledged Email-product. That’s right, a Facemail with POP/IMAP-support and everything. It will basically replace Facebook’s standard messaging functionality with a beefed combo that does everything Facebook messages AND Gmail combined does today. [Edit: Today I started typing a name to send a […]

How To Kill Evernote in 30 Days – a Quick Recipe

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Ingredients 1 Latest version Google Apps/Docs with the new file upload feature 1 Google API for uploading files to Apps/Docs 1 HTML5 coder 1 C# OSX/iPhone coder 1 Windows application coder 1 New Google App Store Instructions Step 1: Use your HTML5 web interface programmer to create a nice Docs/Apps-add on with drag-n-drop-functionality, Google Calendars […]

Here Comes The Social Internet Bank!

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Money is important to us. Control over our life situation is too. But then, how can we possibly accept Internet banks as they are today. How can we possibly think that it’s okay to, say, not be able to get a visual overview analysis of our expenses and incomes? How can we possibly put up […]

Project Management in Google Wave

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I woke up at 5.30 this morning from a strange dream (don’t ask). Wide awake, I made it out to my kitchen, put on some coffee and lit candles. I guess you can’t really tell from the picture, but I live pretty high up with a large corner balcony outside and a wide view over […]

In Defence of Google Wave

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I‘ve heard so many people say now that Google Wave is an epic failure, and I think that it may be time to to stand up in defence of this technology. Because that’s what it is. A technology. People who criticize Wave often talk about it in terms of a useless community of some kind. […]

Manymoon + Google Apps = Basecamp Killer?

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Despite all the benefits of using Basecamp as a project management system, it is really a big pain in other ways. It’s a little bit like what Winston Churchill said back in 1947, “Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried […]

First look at Google Chrome for OSX

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I‘ve been trying out an early developers version of Chrome for OSX for a couple of days, and I must say it’s very impressive. In terms of sheer speed and user experience it’s the best browser I’ve tried on the Mac. If only I get some of my favorite add-ons (TreeStyleTabs and ScribeFire specifically), this […]

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