Kimono Coding at The 24 Hour Business Camp

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Ok. So I’m wearing a kimono, at a beautiful Japanese spa halfway out to the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by an explosion of colorful fall leafs, carrying a small basket in which I’m supposed to only carry around my towel and my slippers. But instead of slippers, my basked is full of tech gear. And instead […]

New Swedish Ad Agency Pitch Process Recommendations

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I just read in tomorrow’s issue of our Swedish advertising business paper Resumé about the forthcoming recommendations for how the pitch process for advertising agencies should work. From a quick look it seems to me to be more comfortable for the ad agencies but somewhat dangerous for the clients. On The Plus Side A quicker […]

How To Open a Door

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A lot of times, it’s not the content that matters most, but how you present it. I give you… drumroll… How To Open a Door! The devil is in the details. (Thanks to Johan Dahlfors for sharing)

Honesty’s First REAL Office

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Wow! Finally we’re here. It took some time. Here is the history of Honesty offices: Early 2009: Honesty Office #1 Honesty office number 1 was a smallish space (actually a meeting room) crammed into the corner of an architect’s office. It was not big, kind of expensive, but really nice. And hey, it only needed […]

A New Home for Honesty

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We’ve been looking for over a year now for the perfect home for my favorite entrepreneurial project, the advertising agency Honesty. It’s really important for everything we do to with the company to project honesty, transparency and creativity, and this place was just spot on. It’s located in the easternmost parts of Stockholm’s SoFo area […]

Thanks Telia for Taking Me Back To The Future

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Coming back to Sweden was like traveling through time. After a week of slow internet connections, working from my favorite cafe on a mobile internet connection with the specs you can see in this speed test is just such a relief. Maybe Telia should send their customers abroad to work from time to time so […]

Thoughts on Metro and Microsoft’s New Religion

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In Ayn Rand’s classic novel The Fountainhead, the hero architect Howard Roark has a very clear philosophy for he thinks is good design. Authenticity and being true to the function and purpose of the design object is good, while going all ornamental and trying to mimic something else is evil. The same principal seems to […]

One More Thing. A Big, Fast Thing.

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Last night we were at the Boeing Museum of Flight. And sure, the muesum was cool and all, but really, there was one thing that was really the reason to go there. One BIG thing: Check out the size of Jocke in relation to this Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird in the pic above. Now, take into […]

In Windows 8, All Devices Are Created Equal

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Yesterday was another day at the Microsoft HQ, completely jam-packed with information about technologies, strategies and philosophies. When piecing everything together a picture starts to emerge: convergence. Everybody is talking about HTML5, Java Script and touch; everybody is talking about cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. Open up any device anywhere and you should now be […]

Microsoft Insight Day 1

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What a day. It has just been jam packed with presentations by really knowledgable and smart people, presentations of secret future stuff and interesting off-the-record discussions. The whole experience of being here at the Microsoft headquarters has been an eye opening experience in many ways. It’s amazing to walk around such a huge campus, which […]

Sleepfull in Seattle by Beating The Jetlag

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Jetlag is an inevitable aspect of travelling to the states, but there are some tricks. Mine are to: Stay awake throughout the flight. Eat really heavy dinner upon arrival (magnificent ribeye steak last night + good Napa Valley cab).  Push myself to stay awake until 10-ish local time.  Morning run at 5.30 am. (10 km […]

Google, Sex, and Why The +1 Button Will Fail

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I don’t get it. The folks at Google must be some of the smartest people on earth, but there are some things that they just don’t seem to get. Lust seems to be one of those things. While Facebook are the seduction masters of the internet world, luring people into pushing that magical “like”-button all […]

Celebrity Star-Ups is a Two Way Street

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In this video by one of my favorite entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuck, Gary talks about “star-ups”, celebrity endorsed startups that have started popping up all over the place. I find this phenomenon interesting, albeit not new, but perhaps in a slightly different way than Gary. While I agree that we’ll be seeing more of this in […]

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