Checkmate. Spofity Opens Up API To Developers.

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Finally it happened. Spotify released libspotify, thereby making it possible to develop third party applications to interact with the Spotify platform. I know we’ve all been talking about it since the start, and that it has been a long time ambition, but we were never quite sure if they would make the move or when. And now it’s here. It’s a big day.

Besides being a very cool display of culture to us nerds, it is also sound for other reasons. If we look at the Twitter case for example, the avalanche of third party software developed for Twitter is a big reason for Twitter’s success. Also, Spotify has clearly stated that they want to be a music platform – not a community, or a music recommendation service. And now, they don’t have to. While there have been different tweeks before, like Scrobblify, we will now see magic happening with Last FM, Facebook, Twitter, and probably a gazillion other services that I can’t even begin to imagine right now.

This is the future of music. We will laugh at The Pirate Bay trials and IPRED before long. Mark my words.

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