Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like Was Good But Canned

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Yesterday we saw Christian Lander, writer of the the super successful blog and book Stuff White People Like,  talk at Rival. And yes, it was really very interesting. In fact, it’s an extraordinary story of “overnight”-success. However, for those of us who do our homework beforehand, it was a bit of a disappointment. Why? Well, those of us who did our homework read up on Christian and checked out a few links before we went to his talk. Among other things we looked at YouTube and saw this:

…which is in essence the exact same talk, only it is posted in July 2008.

And fine, it may be that this is in fact all there is to say, and it may be that he has put together and rehearsed the ultimate way of saying it, but I think that he at least could have updated the facts (in the YouTube-version of the talk as well as in the Rival one he talks about 5000 comments on the “asian girls”-post, while the real number is in fact closer to 13 000 today).

Then again, for anyone who was entirely new to this story, it’s still remarkable to hear it. Stuff White People Like is also a good example of a pretty good idea with REALLY good excecution. This guy is a keen observer, and he can write.

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