Cool! I Just Got Featured on the Slideshare Homepage!

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I just got an email from stating the following:

Hey walternaeslund!

Your presentation is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage by our editorial team.

We thank you for this terrific presentation, that has been chosen
from amongst the thousands that are uploaded to SlideShare everday.

Congratulations! Have a Great Day!,

- the SlideShare team

Cool! I wasn’t even planning on posting this presentation on the blog, but since it seems popular, here it is:

3 Responses to "Cool! I Just Got Featured on the Slideshare Homepage!"
  1. Well, it’s a really good presentation so I truly understand SlideShare for putting it up as a featured presentation :)

    Congratz and keep up the good work!

  2. Thank’s Simon! And thanks for the data on the Google search stats!

  3. Matthieu says:

    “Song is marketing for the concert experience”!! this have i said for the last 10 years! …though never the way you put it in your presentation, crystal clear.
    “You won’t learn how to surf from attending a surfing conference” aahahaha so true! a good thing to remind sometimes.
    Time has come for you to publish a book, man… at least for the self-marketing aspect :)

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