Distill Launch Party and Nextopia

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My mind just went blank. I couldnt’ for the life of me remember wether Michael Dahlén’s new book Nextopia was in Swedish or in English. I just couldn’t.

But before I ended up in this situation, the following happened.

Last night I went down to the new magazine Distill’s launch party on Strandvägen. I flipped through the pages, realizing that this is truly a magazine of our time. It sums up the best of the fashion press and presents it in a slick format. Because, really, who has the time to plow through all the glossies anyway?

So, Distill is perfect. Or at least the idea is. Because as much as I love the concept, I do think that this issue falls a bit short on selection. It didn’t quite seem to be the best of the best. To me anyway. But that said, it’s a wonderful concept with great potential. It’s the perfect mag for me, and I hope that they will expand the concept into more fields. There should be Distills for more genres than fashion.

For anyone of you who have read Michael Dahlén’s Nextopia, you’re familiar with the concept of minisodes, where short versions of shows are distributed by Sony, because we simply don’t have time for the original intended durations. Distill is a concept along these lines, and that’s why I ended up in an animated discussion on the topic with Distill’s managing director Christopher Lockwood. I issued my warmest recommendations for him to read the book, only to realize that perhaps the book was in Swedish after all. Turns out it was. Sorry Christopher. You’ll just have to wait for the English translation. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for the Nextopia blog.

Thanks for a great party!

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