Facebook Panic: Exporting Your Facebook Data To Google+

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Many has anticipated that Google+ will be no real competitor to Facebook, and while that may be true, it’s interesting to see the panic-stricken reaction from the Facebook HQ to software engineer Mohamed Mansour’s Chrome extension which made it possible to export your Facebook social graph into your Google contacts. It didn’t take many hours for Facebook to throttle this extension by blocking email-adresses if 5 contacts where extracted in too quick a succession.

Personally I find this very interesting and would, like anybody else, love to see interoperability between the two, but that is no more likely to happen than a space whale becoming a pot of petunias. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, Javascript magicians create “circle hack” to rebuild Google’s circles interface to fit your Facebook data.

Not very useful today perhaps, but a cool display of creativity.
And I’m just really glad to see that information, still, wants to be free. Just like the creativity of the human mind.

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