Financial Times iPad Edition Challenges Apple’s Business Model

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My motto has always been “To Challenge Authority”. Actually, I realize now that I did this even before I new what a motto was. But I think it’s an interesting rule of thumb for life and business since authorities by definition is some entity with higher status than they need to deliver on day to day. This means that there is a gap between their status and what they actually need to deliver, which in turn is fertile soil for anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit.

One example of this from my own life was to challenge an agency which was regarded the number one digital agency that year with exposing their ignorance about search (a rather key feature of the digital domain, wouldn’t you say?). In the wake of that discussion room was made for another kind of agency, and that’s where Honesty fit perfectly.

Another major authority of today is Apple. They are creating this amazing world of apps, but since they’re an authority, they can run things a little bit as they please and charge rather heavily for letting other businesses use their app store infrastructure.

But I guess this time, somebody at Financial Times had the same motto I have and decided to challenge the Apple authority on how to consume content on the iPad. Enter Financial Times iPad edition.

This edition, besides being beautifully designed, is completely app store free. Built in HTML5, the FT iPad edition has an almost perfectly native feel, runs in the browser and has complete support for paid subscription. Without Apple being paid a cent. Gotta’ love FT for this little coupe d’etat. Touche.

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