Google Counters The Facemail Move

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This morning we talked about how Facebook is racing towards Google and Gmail like a bull on acid. And now, already, we read about how Google are planning to unveil social functionality in Gmail, bringing together status updates and other services like YouTube and Picasa to some sort of more open version of Facebook. It can hardly be a coincidence that these two announcements appear almost simultaneously, do you think? The fight is on!

And what a fight it is! This fight might actually end up in the history books as one of the biggies that really changed things for the users. It’s also interesting to note how Twitter is sort of in between and makes out a little bit with both giants.

In the Mashable post about Google’s new social innovation, Adam Ostrow lists Google’s more open social system as a potential drawback for Google. But on the other hand, openness is a wet dream of Zuckerberg’s, and one he regrets not having implemented in the early stages of Facebook. I’m looking forward to following this one!

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