Google, Sex, and Why The +1 Button Will Fail

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I don’t get it. The folks at Google must be some of the smartest people on earth, but there are some things that they just don’t seem to get. Lust seems to be one of those things.

While Facebook are the seduction masters of the internet world, luring people into pushing that magical “like”-button all over the internet by the millions, Google and their +1-button don’t seem to catch more than a raised eyebrow. And the reason is simple.

Facebook has understood the basic Darwinistic funcion of win-win. Just like a couple in love experience the feeling of win-win in their attraction, Facebook and the user both win when the user clicks the “like”-button. Facebook get data about people’s feelings for different content, and the user gets to promote what they like, thus expressing their personality, much like they would by selecting a certain outfit for a night out or expressing an opinion around a dinner table.

Google on the other hand, while still getting their satisfaction through opinion-data when somebody clicks the +1-button, don’t give anything back to the user. The reason for me as a user to click the button is and remains zero, zilch, nada. And this is why the Google +1-button simply won’t succeed.

Perhaps you guys and gals at Google could use some basic seduction training?

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