Google’s New Move to Kill Facebook

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Like Picasso, I paint in periods. While he had his periods like blue and pink, I have periods like the recent one on copyright policy, certain internet technologies, and psychology. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you might remember my Open Social and my Friend Connect periods. These are very exciting technologies that I predicted (and still do) will pose a serious threat to Facebook.

If I were to attack Facebook, I would do it by being open and transparent. Sure, Facebook has an excellent community for human interaction, but they are quite closed. Google, on the other hand, are suggesting an open system (Open Social + Friend Connect) for interaction between different services using you social graph and are thus moving in for the kill using the strategy I suggested in my earlier posts. Meanwhile, Facebook has responded with their own “Facebook Connect”, acknowledging the attack openly by using such a similar name for their technology. Very interesting.

Yesterday the next move from Google was unveiled in the US. “Profile search” is Google’s answer to what has been Facebook’s forte – people search. By typing “me” into the Google search engine, people in the US get a full profile search on themselves. Having set it up correctly, this will be a great way to profile yourself on the web. I’m sure many of you have Googled yourselves before, and seen the often scattered an less than logical results. My prediction is that this Google identity design will be second nature to us before long, and here Google has the information muscle to beat Facebook hands down. And much of their power comes from their openness. Now, stitching together Google Profile, Google Open Social, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Friend Feed, you really have a quite potent threat to Facebook. I’m looking forward to seeing Facebook’s response to this.

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