Happy Anniversary Guys!

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Emil, Petrus and Martin joins Honesty in the fall of 2009.

Yesterday, October 1 2012, was a big day. It was the 3-year anniversary of my first partners Martin & Petrus joining Honesty (Emil, who is also in the picture above joined a soon afterwards after working at Tele 2  for a while after leaving McCann).

Up until this point, the Honesty brand had gathered a fair amount of momentum as the underdog agency barking at the big agencies. Now, with two of the top creatives in the industry joining Honesty along with the Chief Growth Officer from McCann, the agency took a leap from being a loud rebel start up to being more of a credible alternative to invite to pitches.

We soon brought in a few tiny jobs and made just enough money to hire an art director (Anna Lindelöw, who is now our design director). When we landed Stena Metall as a client we could afford an account manager (Marie Pohl who is also still at Honesty today).

It’s pretty amazing to think of everything that has happened since then.

So anyway, happy anniversary guys! For all the tough times, fun times and just plain crazy times we’ve had, I guess we can now say that we were a pretty darn good team after all.

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