Heads Up Agencies, Here Comes Google TV Ads!

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Google is in the Internet business, right? And if they are, you can imagine them talking down on television as a medium, right?

But it’s just not Google’s way to do things. They never whine, bitch, or complain. Instead they attack.

Google TV-ads is their latest product. It lets anyone with a valid credit card plan their own TV-campaign, complete with demographics, day parts, or whatever angle you want to put on your targeting. Being Google, the mothers and fathers of Google Ad Words, they are naturally thinking in terms of advertising effectiveness, and are implementing an unprecedented measuring system that will only get more accurate as we move towards IP-based television. Watch out media agencies.

So with the media agencies bypassed, now more cash will be left for the advertising agencies to make the films, right? Wrong again. Google also have their ad creation marketplace where ad creation services are can be bought or sold. Suddenly smaller agencies have an easier way to at least reach the smaller clients. My prediction is that we are again seeing an indication of where the business is headed. It’s not the end of agencies, but it is a clear heads up for anyone sitting on a fat bum with an expensive overhead.

Read more about it here.

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