Honesty Now Selling Advertising and Coffee

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Last week we received our first batch of Honesty Roast coffee, the first in our series of Honesty-products. We felt that the pod-coffee that we had before, while practical and ok-tasting, was soulless and dull and that we needed to do something about it.

We set out in search for the best brewing equipment on the market, and once that was installed we tried to find beans to match. The whole enterprise ended up with us going out to Johan & Nyström’s roasting house in Tullinge to find the perfect bean.

We finally ended up with an ecological and fairly traded coffee from the Yirgacheffe-region in Ethiopia with hints of blueberry in it’s taste. We loved it. But also, Honesty and Honesty Roast is all about constant change and movement and this first 72 kg batch of  Yirgacheffe Honesty Roast will be a limited edition soon to be replaced by Honesty Roast Batch 2 which will also be limited to 72 kg and is likely to be from a completely different region and country.

Stop by and try a cup or pick up a limited edition bag of beans (ground or whole) in a store near you.


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